“Let me hear your pitch” are the most caring words a startup founder can hear. And though I was a bit shocked and somewhat unprepared, that’s what two of the community leaders behind San Diego Startup Week (SDSW) told me in early 2015. That’s when I first discovered the week-long event, and I was refreshed […]

Designer – Adobe Creative Jam Poke the Bear Bio/Med – MedStartr Pitch Fest Hear biotech startups do their best 5 minute pitch to investors and fellow entrepreneurs in a pitch competition organized by MedStartr Crowd voted fav – Kinaptic – Joseph Curcio 2nd Place – Glyconmedics – Nick Gorgani 1st Place – Cellanyx – Ashok Chander CleanTech – […]

SO, What’s the first rule of Founder Fight Club? Show up!   Tonight 8pm @ WeWork As one of the most interactive events of the week, the Founder Fight Club gathers 12 pre-selected startups and sends them through three rounds of pitches with one founder from each bout advancing. The hour-and-half long event is sponsored […]