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Startup Week

Jun 14-20 2015

Startups! Events!

Join us for another amazing Startup Week!

About San Diego Startup Week

San Diego Startup Week (SDSW) is the region’s premier catalyst for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurialism. Featuring a week of scheduled events, panels, and revelry in the heart of downtown San Diego, Startup Week showcases leading innovators in Software as a Service (SaaS), consumer Internet, mobile tech, hardware, and defense tech. Participants include San Diego’s brightest entrepreneurs, top-tier regional and national investors, strategic advisors, and high profile community and political supporters, all of whom contribute to San Diego’s thriving startup ecosystem.


Educational tracks designed to match where an entrepreneur is in their startup lifecycle.

  • Idea Track: The idea track is meant for anyone interested in learning about startups, testing an idea that may turn into a business, finding a co-founder or simply joining a startup.
  • Development Track: The Developer Track is geared toward identifying the local resources and communities that can enable technical cofounders to build a fantastic product.
  • Seed Track: The Seed Track is focused on taking your startup to the next level by helping you prove your MVP, get traction, and prepare for seed financing!
  • Scale Track: The Scale Track is focused on startups in the growth phase: you’ve got a product, you have some customers and now you need to scale.
  • Social Events: not track specific, these events will be anything from meetups to happy hours to dinners. Attend these events to meet and mingle with local entrepreneurs.

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  • San Diego Startup Week: What is a Startup?

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, perhaps better known these days as, a startup is defined as "a newly established business."
  • Kashkari: I would've kept Websense here

    Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari told entrepreneurs Thursday that he wants to prevent California from losing more companies like San Diego-grown Websense.
  • San Diego Startup Week: Why Startup Culture Is Important

    When bootstrapping a startup, money is always a factor. Growing a strong team with a limited budget is difficult, and even if you can get talent on board within your budget.
  • San Diego Startup Week: 4 Tips for Raising Seed-Stage Capital

    In 2013, our team embarked on fundraising efforts for TapHunter, a San Diego-based Internet startup. Our Web-based software helps bars, restaurants, bottle shops, tasting rooms, and breweries operate more efficiently
  • San Diego Startup Week Kicks Off with Opening of New IoT Incubator

    San Diego Startup Week begins at noon today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of iHive, a shared workspace and CyberTech “Internet of Things” incubator
  • Melani Gordon and Randy Apuzzo on Good Morning San Diego

  • Innovators Panel Kicks Off Startup Week

    A group of San Diego's leading innovators kicked off San Diego Startup Week early Thursday with a panel discussion where they championed the benefits of the tech community here.
  • Startup Week Connects Local Innovators With Investors

    Startups are always looking for ways to leverage their precious resources to grow and acquire new resources. That mindset, and the creativity of a grassroots volunteer group of local entrepreneurs.